English Language School by the Sea Napier, New Zealand.

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Why Choose New Horizon College of English?

  • We are located in Napier beside the sea.
  • The team at New Horizon are more committed to Customer Service, because we will know your name within an hour of your arrival. 
  • You will quickly feel like you are part of the New Horizon family.
  • You will feel comfortable and valued no matter what your age. The age range is from 14 to 80.
  • You will love Napier's fantastic Art Deco buildings and the beautiful Pacific Ocean.
  • You will enjoy the lovely weather and the fine wines we produce here.
  • You will develop a close relationship with your host family and the friendly people of Napier
  • There is a less stressful learning environment in a small city.
  • We have unique courses for both younger and older students.
  • There is a wide range of exam class options.

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Phone: +64 6 835 64 23
Email: office@nhce.ac.nz

Email: info@nhce.ac.nz